I’ve recently stopped nursing my 5 month old son and he is transitioning to mostly formula. Still having some frozen breast milk. He has had a bottle of formula here and there since birth so the formula is not a new thing.

As we’ve gone to more formula, his poops are very wet and runny and they tend to be brownish green rather than brown. They are definitely not nearly is firm as the peanut butter consistency I’ve seen described as normal, but I’ve seen other descriptions saying whatever is normal for your baby is normal and colors can range from brown to green to yellow.

He started daycare this week and both days the providers have noted that he had runny poop so it must be abnormal to them?

He has had no behavioral changes and doesn’t seem uncomfortable. He’s very happy and smiley. Is his poop a reason to be concerned or something to bring up to his doctor? It also doesn’t seem mucus-y, just...wet.