Hi, my brand new baby boy is 9 days old. He hasn’t pooped since last Thursday which was 5 days ago and it was still the meconium transitional poop. He is EBF, has at least 6 wet diapers per day, seems to be happy and content and isn’t showing any signs of being in pain or constipated. At his weight check 3 days ago the pediatrician wasn’t worried yet. We don’t go back until next Monday but he seems to be on track for growth so far.

I seem to read all different things about newborn poop. Mostly that anything goes. I read that breastmilk is the perfect food and there isn’t waste and so they may not poop much, but then I also read they should be pooping with every diaper. I recall my daughter also been an infrequent pooper but she was slow to gain weight and the docs had me supplementing right away.

What has been your experience? Would you be worried? I just wish the kid would poop already!