I had no idea where to put this, so I chose money, sorry if it's inappropriate!

Ok I'm not wanting to offend anyone, and I don't really know if anyone on here is also looking into fostering. Something I read today is really bugging me. I'm part of a future foster moms group and was asking whether I should buy carseats and strollers now or wait til right after I get a placement or when the timeline is. And so many people replied to go through wic and get a carseat. I might be wrong but in my state you have to show that you are not dependent on the government to get approved to be a foster parent, so why would I turn around and go on welfare?

Everyone commented that if I have children 0-5 I qualify for wic. Well I wouldn't use it unless I truly used it, but my parents would help me out if I got to that point.

Anyways am I wrong to think this is wrong? Signing up for welfare, getting $400-500 a mon from the state and then getting welfare on top of that? Like why would you take children into your home if you can't support them on your own? New mothers I know don't get monthly checks from the state, so why shouldn't 400-500 a month be enough to offset the costs of a child?

Sorry if this comes across as jumbled, that's how I am