We've been doing bottomless the last 3 days (today is day 4 and we are trying a skirt, commando). My LO is suddenly obsessed with her genitals. Like, constantly sitting on the floor or little potty, just to lean over and really...like, get in there and touch everything.

She was never really bottomless before so I'm sure that's normal, but she's doing it CONSTANTLY, to the point where she's making everything red. Like, she'd just peed, so I went to nurse the baby and put her for a nap and left the toddler in the living room and when I came back, she was just sitting on the floor touching herself and it was SO RED, she'd clearly been doing it the whole time.

Does this pass? Is it normal? I also have an infant to take care of, so I can't distract her all day long.

Potty training is...interesting.