Over the holiday break our whole family got a stomach bug, including the 15 month old. Prior to this she was a champion eater (eating ridiculous portions, and throwing a fit if she didn't get to eat every single thing the rest of us had). She last threw up on Friday afternoon (after she'd been fine for 24 hrs, but I stupidly gave her milk right before laying down), though she started having runny diapers again on Monday night (similar to when she teethes, so I suspect that could be at play, too). But for a day or two after her illness, I fed her BRAT foods and some baby food while her system got back to normal. Now she's chucking her old favorites (meatballs! pasta! cheerios!) on the floor and screaming, turning her head, hitting us, etc., if we try to give them to her. She only wants fruit, cheese, or purees.

Anyone have an experience like this before? Should I assume she still doesn't feel well?

I'm thinking I need to just muscle through and move on if she won't eat what's served (obviously making sure there is SOMETHING she likes at each meal, but not giving in and serving only what she wants). She's pulling the same trick with water - she had pedialyte while sick, and now she clearly would prefer that to plain water.

Apologies if I sound crazy or cold - I know it sounds harsh to say about such a young kid, but she's EXTREMELY stubborn, and I'm a little concerned she's pulling this behavior to get what she wants, and I don't want that to become habit. If I thought she still felt rotten, I'd be more inclined to just feed her the baby food.