My LO's almost two years old. Lately, his sleep and eating patterns have changed. He used to go to sleep pretty easily at 7pm. Now, it's morphed into 7:30-8pm, sometimes taking him a long time to settle down while having to get up around 7am for daycare morning routine with me. During the weekend, he gets super tired by 11am, but we keep him up until 1pm like daycare for his one nap.

For the longest time, he ate great at the dinner table during dinner. Now, it's a struggle for him to be interested in dinner. If he eats with us, he always wants our food from our plates not his. The past couple of nights, we've had huge tantrums and timeouts from this. This is so different from the relatively laid back LO I know.

Anybody else experience these same things around 2 years old? What were your remedies or tools to get your toddler to eat happily and settle down for sleep?