My 20 month old son has really been a challenge lately, and I’m looking for advice and also to see if I should look into professional help.
80% of the time he is happy and so sweet. He’s a total mamas boy, and is totally on track developmentally.
20% of the time he is out of control, HUGE tantrums, hitting/scratching/throwing, etc. if something doesn’t go his way, it’s the end of the world, he will scream and bang his head/kick his feet for a long time. I’ve been told to ignore the behavior, and I mostly do, but the head banging is not something I can ignore. If he’s doing that, I try to move him somewhere softer like his crib or grass or something.
I know tantrums are normal, but his behavior is definitely worse than most. It’s also worth noting that his behavior is worse when he’s with me (most of the time), so I’m confident that a lot of it is for attention (which he gets a lot of).
Any suggestions? I thought about looking into behavior therapy, but not sure if that’s even the right thing?
He is seriously so happy and sweet most of the time, it’s hard to see him in his rages.