Help! LO is being so difficult these past 2 weeks!
He is finished with summer camp, and I am at my wit's end. For the past 10 days, he has been flipping out when we go places and refusing to get out of the stroller. I'm talking about the playground, the splashpad, and worst of all, MY PARENTS' HOUSE. He will try to re-buckle himself in and yell NO GO LEAVE. He is not a tantrum-er (if he does it like 30 seconds and he can easily be redirected) but this has been setting him off where he will cry uncontrollably, but want to be hugged/held and will calm down but not REALLY stop crying until we go. My parents are so worried and it's worrying me (he has no issue when they come over to our house, and he is happy to engage with them).
Also, he isn't as interested in playing, just in touching things he shouldn't and trying to get into stuff. He definitely is suffering from seasonal allergies (keeps poking in his ears and saying MY EARS, sticking his finger and pacifier all the way back in his mouth, has red cheeks and lowgrade fever, at doctor today AND 2 weeks ago they said his ears are fine but he has a sore throat), and we have an appointment with an allergist in a month to see about strategies other than OTC meds, which don't help.
The last time he acted this way was over the winter when he was suffering from back to back ear infections, but that's not what this is.
I know he has been through a lot of change this summer (moved to a new house, started a new camp, just started eating dinner at the table again bc of move) and he has really handled it all so well. But this stuff is driving me nuts but moreso making me worried. Anyone else dealt with this stuff? is it normal?