Our morning routine is pretty average. I get LO out of his crib, give him formula, now milk, then change him for daycare. The past couple of days, he's had all out screaming tantrums that wake up DH, frustrate me, and make me feel like the worst parent ever as DH plays "super dad" in those moments.

Before this, LO did pretty well during our morning routine. With the introduction of whole milk, he breaks out into full on tantrum at the sight of his sippy cup. He did the sippy cup transition great, cold turkey. The whole milk transition has been less than stellar. What should I do to make our morning routine better? I'm thinking of offering less milk to see if that helps, then slowly bringing it up again or changing his clothes first, then feeding him. He gets a sippy of milk before daycare, then eats solids there. He's also teething on top of it.

I'd love for this phase to end.