... your young toddler tantrums? LO is 15 1/2 months old, and hates having things taken from him, whether it's toys, our water bottles, or car keys. When we do, which is frequent enough, he bursts into tears and either kneels down and hits his forehead off the floor, or lies down on his back and hits the back of his head on the floor. If he's not crying by then, he will always start crying.

We don't want to encourage this behaviour. He does it at daycare, as well as home. He never cries when he trips up or falls, so we know he's not hurt, just expressing his displeasure.

How should we be handling this? Usually I'll pick him up and do goofy things to distract him. Or start playing with him music books (Paw Patrol is a winner - he loves dancing to them). Is there something else I could do better? What is redirection?