I'm curious if anyone has tips or advice about what worked well (or didn't?) for you to get through a major home renovation with kids. We're starting a big project to expand our kitchen, and move our laundry room and a bathroom later this month and I'm starting to panic about how much this is going to upend my house. I knew it was coming...but now that it's almost here, the reality is setting in.

We're going to set up a temporary "kitchen" in our living room with our old fridge, microwave and a toaster oven, crock pot, and maybe an induction burner. I've frozen some easy-to-reheat meals ahead of time, but not much. I'm anticipating eating a lot of takeout or easy to prep/clean up meals. For laundry, I'm hoping we're only out of a functional washer/dryer for a month or so, but I'm planning to go to go to my parents' (about an hour away) a couple times to do laundry in the meantime. I think the whole project will be 8-9 weeks total.

I'd love to hear anything that helped you through reno projects. I'm so excited about the project, but dreading getting to the other side of it!