My daughter is between a 5 and 6, meaning we've started looking at "big girl" clothes. I can't stand the styles! I'm a Gymboree fan: we usually shop the sales, but the quality can't be beat at the price point. Their shirts are much thicker than other brands (Carter's, Old Navy, etc.), and everything we pass down to her younger sister still looks great. Hanna Andersson and Boden are our only clothes of similar quality, but they were all gifts--they're outside my price range. The problem is Gymboree has great baby and toddler styles, but their big girl styles are awful. Why can't the just make the same things in bigger sizes

Can anyone recommend a brand similar in quality and price to Gymboree? I'm not very familiar with non-mainstream brands. Has anyone tried I like the look but can't tell if the shirts are thin like Old Navy/Carter's. Feedback from cold weather climate mom's much appreciated! Those Old Navy and Carter's shirts don't cut it during our winters.