First birth, I had a go with the flow attitude. Short birth story: baby was posterior, I progressed half a centimeter in 4 hours of consistent/continuous back labor contractions, asked for an epidural at 2.5 centimeters. Didn't get it for another hour, at which point I was six centimeters. It never really worked as far as pain relief went (although it took the edge off), but prevented me from moving my legs.

I don't want that situation again. My MW says because I had back labor with the first, that was likely to happen again, and it was likely an epidural wouldn't work again. So I want to go without one.

I don't want to do a birthing class, but I would like to brush up on some natural pain relief techniques. I know most of the ones I tried didn't come close to helping with the first. (even the tub didn't work - I just kept getting on all fours which the nurse didn't like me doing in a bath tub full of water, haha!)

Any books/websites/dvds/you tube videos you would recommend? Especially for back labor?