I am so shocked and rather mad. Today was our anatomy scan. We discussed with the ultrasound tech at length our excitement about being team green and finding out the gender by looking for ourselves after the birth. When the time came to check that part, we turned away until she gave us the all clear. She mistakenly printed the sex on a photo but realized it and threw it away before we saw it. At the end of the scan, she switched to the stats screen, told us everything looks good and left to fetch the doctor. I was admiring baby's stats and measurements on the screen and saw something that shocked me--the baby's sex! OH MY GOD. I could not believe it. I made my husband look away and didn't tell him; he can still be surprised. But not me. This is my last baby, and now I'll never have a gender surprise at birth. I don't know what the heck she was thinking putting it right up there on the screen! Any of you ever have your gender surprise ruined by someone else?? I want to cry.