I have been constantly dizzy and lightheaded for the past two weeks. Constantly. I've had several tests run and everything looks good, except for one thyroid reading which was just slightly high and therefore is not definitely not the cause. Dr thinks it is due to the physiological changes of pregnancy. In any case I am at risk of passing out and thereby affecting my and baby's oxygen supply.. which could lead to a host of other complications. I cannot be left alone and am on bed rest to reduce the chance of this happening, but even while lying down I feel dangerously close to fainting. I have to sit upright all day, even to sleep at night, to ease the feeling a bit.

With all that said, I agreed to being induced on Sunday at 39w. I am now 38w+2. Baby's lungs are ready for the outside world and prolonging the pregnancy with these issues is putting both baby and I at danger. My plan was for a normal, natural birth, but now with this induction ahead I feel like that plan is slipping away. I keep on hearing about inductions leading to more and more interventions, and often ultimately c-sections which I really want to avoid.

If you have any positive induction stories, please share as I prepare mentally for the induction on Sunday. I'm also interested in how long it took for you to dilate, and if you were able to go pain med-free, as this is still my plan.