I am 41+1 today and will likely be induced on Friday morning at 41+5. I wish I could wait until Sunday but apparently our hospital doesn't schedule inductions on the weekend. Monday would put me at 42+1 which is outside of both DH and I's comfort level.

Anyways, the midwife offered to break my water or induce with pitocin. I'm not thrilled by either option, honestly, but who would be? So -- want to tell me about your induction? What would you choose and why? How did it go? How soon into an induction did you get an epidural, if you did?

I am apparently a stretchy 3cm, 80% effaced, and baby is down low according to the midwife so she thinks it will be a favorable induction - especially as it's my second. So that makes me feel a bit better about everything!