So after a very long day, I am unexpectedly being induced tonight due to some issues with my placenta. I know it is the best decision for baby but I'm 2 weeks early and feel so unprepared and definitely freaking out a bit! Did not see this coming and now trying to quickly wrap my head around it all while grabbing random things from my house to bring back to the hospital before I check in.

I will be likely starting with the route of doing cervidil where they insert a tampon thingy with the drug in it. Haven't had much time to learn about it since this is all a bit last minute. I've chosen this over the foley catheter because it sounded a little less torturous, although I know anything can happen and might have to try several things to get stuff going since I'm not currently in any sort of labor.

Wondering if you have used this method, what was your experience like? Did it work? Was it okay? I think I'm looking for comfort more than horror stories lol. I am suddenly not feeling very brave about any of this!

Also can't even wrap my head around the idea that there will be a baby here soon... I think I'm in some sort of shock that hopefully will pass very soon