Through a chain of events this weekend, my husband and I have been presented with the idea of taking guardianship of a semi-distant cousin of mine. She is nearly 8, her mom is a garbage human being that should have no chance of regaining custody of her.

My question is, have any of you taken guardianship of a relative. She is old enough to know where she's coming from and who we are to her. She has had some trauma in her life, and I know therapy is most likely a given. She is a sweet girl, but I also know that there could be a lot going on under the surface. We have a 2yo son, and have been ttc #2 for 15 cycles now. I know nothing about raising little girls, but I'm 1 of 3 girls and my parents will be a great resource for us if this ends up happening.

Another thing I'm torn about is she has 2 brothers, we can't take on 3 more kids on top of our own. She is expected to supervise and take care of her brothers even though she is the middle child... and only 7 years old. Will we even be able to take just her, is it wrong that I only want to take her?

I just know we can provide her with an exponentially better life than the one she is on track for at the moment. She will be able to have a childhood, we will love her as our own, she'll have great schools to go to, we can provide her with everything she needs and a lot of what she wants.

I don't know why I posted, I just am hoping to find someone that can recommend any literature, or commiserate with me, or offer advice of any sort.