My mom gifted me Amazon Prime, and I'm a little addicted...I've been ordering online a lot, just cause it's so convenient! Most things I get turn out fine, but I had a couple incidents, within a couple weeks from each other.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a cat tree. I picked one specifically for my white cat in mind, cause it had a cool hammock that I knew he'd love. It arrived 2 days later, DH, DS and I all worked together to get it up and then I's not the one I ordered! It's nice, and actually bigger than the original one, but it didn't have the hammock feature I wanted. So, I contacted their customer service, and they offered to replace it, if I sent it back, but I had it all together...what a pain, that would be, and to lug it to a place I could return it? No way. So, they were cool and gave me a 20% refund on it, cause I chose to keep it.

Then, a couple days ago, upon advice from ladies on here, I ordered the No More Milk Tea. it arrived today, and while the ziploc bag it was in said No More Milk on the barcode, the actual boxes was Milkmaid tea. This time I opted for replacing it, but I was worried I'd have to wait to send it before I got my replacement, but luckily, that wasn't the case. It was easy to print off the return stuff, and DH can take it to work to return, cause UPS goes there every day to pick up.

So, Amazon was cool about fixing it both times, but its still kind of a pain. Have you had issues like these?