I have been mostly a lurker for most of my pregnancy (although I "know" some of you from WB, where I am a frequent poster) and now that my little man is a month old, I guess it is time to finally introduce myself. So. Hello! I am Travellingbee (because my husband and I are avid travelers), and I have a baby boy. DH and I got married last May and got pregnant in June. Our baby was born March 14 (Pi Day!) We are still getting the hang of things around here. Breastfeeding has been the biggest challenge. I have had latch issues, thrush, and mastitis. Also Baby Traveler has acid reflux featuring painful projectile vomit. So feeding in general has been difficult. I am very committed to sticking out this breastfeeding thing, so we'll see how it goes.

Nice to "meet" everyone! This seems like such a supportive and kind group! I look forward to continuing to learn and share on here!