I have written a few other posts over the last week in reference to my 11 month old daughter. In the last two weeks she has barely wanted any bottles, but this week she started not wanting a majority of her solids. Prior to this she had a very hearty appetite and would eat everything we gave her. Now she will initially chew on some food and then spit it out. I finally broke down and took her to the doctor yesterday and they said everything looked fine and they didn't even feel that she was actively teething in the sense that there were any teeth getting ready to pop through.
For example, she used to eat 2 mini pancakes, a turkey sausage link and half of a pair for breakfast and all she would eat this morning is the two pancakes. She would chew on the sausage and then spit it out. I am an FTM and I am so stressed out. She had only about 6 ounces of formula today and anywhere from 2 to 3 ounces of water and a few sips of juice. She is otherwise happy and full of energy and her sleep has not been affected thus far. She has had 2 BM's and three additional wet diapers today and over the last week has not had less than five wet diapers and 24 hours. She does sleep through the night. Has anyone else ever experience this food regression? Any helpful hints? Ps- she weighed 18.6 pounds at the pediatrician and moved from the 14th percentile to the 35th percentile in the last two months. Thanks!