So dd is 3.5, ds is 3 mos and I just returned to work. I get home around 415-430 and I pick up the kids. Ds goes to bed around 615-7.

I'm completely at a loss on how to do every I need to do by myself with the 2 kids. I feel like a complete failure.

Dh works until 6, if he's at the office he won't get home until 7pm.

Dd likes to get some outside time when we get home, I have to Make dinner, bathe them and then get ds down and then dd.

It sounds doable but I feel overwhelmed. It's only been two weeks so maybe I just need to give it more time??

Eta : If we're home by 435 then we get in the door, nurse ds and then we can get outside and walk to the playground. Get the at about 5. Play for 10-15 mins (which isn't much). Walk back home. Get home 530. Make quick dinner. Eat around 6 and then it's time to put ds down. Why does this stress me out so??