Hi, all. DH and I have narrowed down our finalists for a babysitter/nanny (or whatever you want to call it), and we would love some insight from others. The two candidates are very different. I think we both lean towards one, but I think we don't believe it's for the right reasons (well, I think it might not be for the right reason). Below is a pros and cons list for both.

Nanny #1
-Young (34 - trust me when I tell you this is young. Most of the women I interviewed were 50 and older). She will be able to keep up with a toddler and young child.
-Tech savvy. She's quick on the e-mail and would probably text and send pics throughout the day
-We just really liked her as a person. We seemed to really click with her, and both got a really good vibe from her.
-LO seemed to like her, and Nanny #1 seemed natural with her.
-College educated (not a necessity or requirement, but it is nice)
-I liked her stories about impacting the values of her charges (she told a few good ones)
-We think she will be more open and into some of our non-traditional/alternative newer ideas on childcare (e.g., BLW)

-She seem to be “in demand”. We may need to compete with other families to get her.
-She is young and will have a new husband as of this coming weekend. This is our biggest concern with her. I feel horrible writing this, but we assume that it is a distinct possibility that 6 months to a year from now she could possibly come to us and say she's pregnant. What would we do then? We have no local family help, and we both have jobs that are either demanding and/or may require travel from time to time, so we need someone who will really be flexible and available for our family. At the same time this is all speculation by us.
-Since she's in demand, will she be okay with our salary (well within market but on the lower end)?

Nanny #2

-has lots of experience (over 30 years) and is very observant of children. She made some great observations about LO and just seems to have great insight about babies and kids.
-She seems very into being a nanny, and seems to have the time, availability and flexibility that we'll need.
-She's seems like the fun, grandmother type.
-LO liked her, too.

-She’s older. About 60 years old. We wonder if she will she be able to get up and after a toddler. She seems spritely and vivacious now, but what about a few years from now? Based on just our observations, we really think LO is going to be pretty active girl.
-Like other older nannies does not seem to be up on the latest about childcare. For example, on her second round interview, she suggested we get crib bumpers for LO's crib (actually after an incident last night, we might consider it). While she claims will listen to us, we think she will definitely insert her opinion about what she thinks we need. That's not a bad thing, but I hope that I don't feel like it's like having my mother around.

Thoughts? Who would you choose? Is it horrible to speculate about Nanny #1's reproductive plans and to take that into consideration?