When I read about how to say goodbye with day care, it said not to prolong it or sneak out. I work in home and my child stays here with a nanny. So essentially, I'm just leaving the room. I say goodbye once in the AM when nanny arrives, and once after I BF her after her nap. What I have been doing is saying "goodbye, mommy loves you, i'll be back to play later", give her a kiss, then set her playing with a toy facing away from me, then leaving. Now she's almost 1 so I'm not sure she really understands that I'm saying goodbye. Is this still sneaking out? Do I need to have her face me and watch me walk out of the room? (Obviously this would cause crying, current approach does not usually.) She does seem to be getting some separation anxiety? I don't know if it's just related to her age, or b/c of the way I'm "dropping her off". when she's with me in the afternoon, she's very clingy - which is fine - but I don't know if it's because she missed me or b/c she's stressed out thinking I'm going to leave. Thoughts?