Today we went to an arts and crafts festival. It's very hot out. So naturally I dressed LO in a thin onesie, slathered her with suntan lotion, put a sun hat on her head, used the sun shade on her stroller, and made sure she had lots of fluids. I was feeling pretty good about keeping her safe from the heat. And then a stranger came up to me and said this.

Stranger: Did you put suntan lotion on your little one, she's looking a little pink.
Me: Yes, we just put it on her. It's just hot out, everybody gets a little red with this kind of heat.
Stranger: (Looking disgusted) You just put it on her and she's been out all day?!
Me: No, we just got here.

I've also had someone tell me my LO was too cold, as she was bundled up in a long sleeve onesie, pants, jacket, blanket, and hat, and was sound asleep.

I don't know why people think it's any of their business. She's my child, I'm not harming her in any way, so butt out! What do you say when people question your parenting?