Our group of friends has decided to do dinner at each other's houses every Thursday night. I am a bit too antisocial for this, so I am just getting mine over with this week. We decided to do breakfast for dinner because everyone likes it, it's relatively easy, it's fun, and DH likes to make waffles so that works.

The one thing that's tricky is that one of our friends is a vegetarian. She does eat dairy but no animal products including eggs. I found a recipe for eggless waffles that I'm going to use. Right now our menu looks like:

- Waffles with toppings (syrup, whipped cream, chocolate chips & strawberries)
- Cheesy hashbrown casserole
- Bacon (this is obviously not for the vegetarian)

I was thinking of adding some scrambled eggs, too - maybe cheesy? I want to keep the budget down so I wouldn't want to do anything fancy like quiche. What do you think? Is this fairly complete? Keep in mind its a casual get-together with friends so no need to go over the top... but I do want to impress!