I need help! I see all thr beautiful boxed lunches and bento boxes and then I look at what I feed DS and I feel guilty I know on the one hand that I don't have the time, with DD just four weeks old, but I am a SAHM so I feel like I should be doing more. Especially since they're my only job.

Typically, DS has oatmeal for breakfast along with a sippy cup of milk. Then a GoGo pouch of apple sauce. Sometimes an Eggo or toast. Very easy one handed things to fix. Lunch is either a Gerber meal - main entry on one side, veggies on the other - or some of whatever I'm having. Puffs for snack or Annie's cheddar bunnies or grahm crackers or Earth's Best toddler cookies. Water in a straw cup. We haven't introduced juice yet. Then at supper, more of whatever we have or a Gerber meal with milk.

I feel like what I usually give him is filler and fluff, things I can grab one handed that he likes that have no real nutritional value and I feel like the worst mother for it. He's 14 months and I want him to, of course, to have a healthy start but I get overwhelmes trying to take care of both kids and myself! DH and I are going grocery shopping tonight and I need suggestions on ways to make his eating habits - and maybe mine too? - healthier.

Thanks in advance!