Hello! I'm hoping you guys can help me find a new diaper bag.

When we started looking at diaper bags we wanted one that converted from backpack (husband preference) to shoulder strap (my preference) and we ended up with the JuJuBe BFF. However, we have since discovered that we never use it as a backpack (it's too heavy for long term backpack wearing), so that opens up a whole lot of new possibilities and I'm on the hunt!

Things I want
- cross body shoulder strap or way to attach one
- tote straps or handle for a quick grab
- Sits up on its own
- Direct access from the top (no messenger bags)
- At least 1 easy access outside pocket, and 1 zippered outside pocket, preferably more
- Inside pockets for small stuff
I'd like something slightly bigger than my BFF, but not so huge things get lost
- Something that is going to last and handle wear and tear

Things I don't care about
- Looking like a purse/cute patterns - I just want something that my husband is willing to carry.
- changing pad - I think I'm going to get one of those clutch things that has wipes, diapers and a pad that we can grab to go in a bathroom and do a change

If anybody has something that fits all this, I'd love to ehar about it!