I posted an add on care.com a little over a week ago and gots dozens or responses. Most women are recent college grads and some seem to be career nannies. Most of the older nannies are actually Brazilian which is interesting!

I have narrowed down the candidates to people who have had direct experience with infants, have a car, and are willing to do light housekeeping/meal prep. But there are still MANY who fit these criteria.

So before I schedule interviews, I need to narrow further. I've looked at mrs. Bee's questions and Mrs. Pen's suggestions, but I'd love some additional feedback.

ALSO, I'll need a nanny basically 4 days a week from 8-4 but those days will occasionally change so I imagine I'll have to pay for 5. In exchange for often one day off a week, I'd like our nanny to work occasional weekends for a date night or a daytime activity...probably twice a month.

AND, I'm a teacher so I have a week off at Thanksgiving, two at Christmas, one for Spring break and then 2 months for summer. How would you address this regarding pay? I'm willing to give some paid vacation and I would probably like her to work one day a week during my vacations, but I don't really want to pay for that extra month (or really three weeks) of time off.

Then has anyone dealt with this issue for summer. If we like our nanny, we'll definitely want her to continue next year, so I imagine I'll have to pay over summer. Does it need to be full pay?

So should my overall rate be slightly less to build in a fair amount of time off, or should I always pay hourly? And if I pay hourly, how much of the time off should I offer to pay for.

I feel very overwhelmed and don't want to sound that way when I'm ready to interview. I definitely want to be fair to nanny so please help!

I'm thinking somewhere between $12 and $15 an hour (for San Diego) but I'm not sure exactly how to price it out because of the time off.

Thank you for reading all of this and offering me advice!!