Having grown up in New England, I should probably be used to winters by now, but I still just dread it every year. My family didn't ski or skate, so I didn't have winter sports to look forward to, but at least I used to be able to curl up with a book and enjoy lots of lazy time inside. Now that I have a toddler though, winter is just miserable. LO's constantly sick and cranky, the snow and cold makes my walking commute really hard, and DH and I are burning through PTO days due to daycare cancelled for snow and LO getting sick. Plus we're all just stir crazy being stuck in the house, and of course with a 2 year old, there's no such thing as just curling up with a book anymore (unless it's reading 9 chapters of Curious George in a row).

This year started off not so bad but I can feel myself getting into a funk again and I want to try to nip it in the bud. What do you guys do to not go crazy in winter?