Please help! My 4yo is very aggressive/mean with his 17 mo brother and I don't know what to do. NOTHING we have tried has worked. The aggression, etc. has gotten worse in the last several weeks.

The 4yo will throw toys at the baby's head, grab his feet and arms and yank them, hit him, etc. And he will get right in the baby's face and yell "WE DON'T LIKE YOU!" really loudly, take toys away from him constantly, etc. I literally have to follow him around to keep the baby safe.

CLEARLY, he has some major jealousy issues. I'm thinking maybe it's worse now because baby brother is in a major clingy phase, and he's jealous seeing baby be held/attended to. So we try to give him LOTS of individual attention, do one-on-one things with him, etc. but really, it's not helping at all. He is better when baby is asleep and it's just him, but obviously most of the time the baby is there!

Has anything worked for you in this situation? If he is aggressive with an object (toy) I put it away immediately. If he is acting really wild and out of control, we will put him in his room for 5 minutes to calm down (doesn't help). I feel like more punishment is not going to fix the underlying problem.

I am really at my wit's end. I feel like the majority of my interactions with my 4yo are negative (stop doing that, leave him alone, don't talk to him that way, etc).

Any ideas?!?!?!