The university I work at is giving us 2 days off for spring break this year (yay!), so I decided it would be a great opportunity to take a 5-day weekend (is it still a weekend at that point? :p) and take LO on her first plane trip! Problem is, I really have no idea where to go.

LO will be 8ish months at this point, and we will be taking off in March either Wed-Sun or Thurs-Mon. We live in Texas, so either coast would work.

We went to San Diego/Orange County/LA as a couple last year and loved it, so I was considering going to one of those places....but then I thought D.C. would be fun... and so would NYC....

Would any of you recommend a travel locale for an 8 month old? Bonus points for fun, cheap things to do! Would y'all recommend going somewhere we've been before, for the familiarity?