Please forgive me for having a sequel to my diaper bag post but I think I have finally found it. I normally don't spend this kind of money on one item for myself but DH said I could get it for my birthday.

Long story short, I hate my skip hop duo and would love to have something that could also be used for work (I am a teacher) and just for general carting things around after the baby days are gone.

So I am in love with Lily Jade but I am stuck between three bags and could really use some help since this would likely be my last and final diaper bag. I want something that would be great with 2+kids, so I appreciate some insight as I just have one LO. All of them come with their awesome insert and are approximately the same size.

Thank you!

Option 1: The Madeline...
I love the overall look and the fact that it can be a backpack, crossbody bag, and a shoulder bag. I am not terribly fond of the particular color (I tend to like more whiskey colored leather) but the fact that it can be a backpack is awesome. $285

Option 2: The Rosie...
I love the look and the leather on this one but it can't be worn as a backpack. That's pretty much the only downside but it's a big one. $309

Option 3: The Elizabeth...
I was originally not interested in this bag because of the pockets and buckles (I like a more simple look) but it comes in the leather I love AND can be a backpack. $295

1. Madeline in Brandy (darker brown)

2. Rosie in Camel (lighter/warmer brown)

3. Elizabeth in Camel (lighter/warmer brown)

Here is another of the Madeline in its different carrying options