I'm hitting 36/37 weeks this weekend (depending on which due date I go by :p) and I'm starting to think I should plan out some meals! I'll be home for 8 weeks, the first 2 of which DH will be home as well. For those first 2, I'm not too worried. DH is a stellar cook and will take care of dinner (I know, I'm a lucky girl!!).

However, I have 6 weeks on my own of WTH do I cook?! I don't 'hate' cooking, but I much prefer baking. As such, I only have about 5 Lean Cuisines, some Mac-n-cheese boxes, pasta, and some corn muffins that I'm going to freeze as my 'food stash.' Not the healthiest items.

I would love some easy, minimal cooking (and inexpensive, if possible) suggestions as to what the heck I should eat for dinner, lunch, snacks (one-handed I've heard are preferable) and so forth. If I can make them ahead of time, even better. I have a crock pot and a large freezer, and am prepared to use both!