My son is 10 months old and cannot fall asleep being held. He does most his naps in his crib, and can sleep in his car seat. I'm not sure about the stroller, he isn't it it enough to fall asleep in. We were at a play group yesterday, and I knew it was pushing his nap time, but I figured he'd be distracted enough and want to play to make it to the end, but he just lost it, and no matter what I did he wouldn't fall asleep on me, so we ended up leaving early and he passed out within 2 minutes of hitting his car seat. I thought by now he'd be on a solid 2 nap schedule, but he's still on 2-3 so I'm kinda bummed that we may be pretty much hotel bound on our trip in 2 weeks cause of napping. Any tips for napping on the go? Or do we just have to suck it up, work around his naps, and stay close so we can go back and nap.