I'm looking for some help. Baby was born 2 days ago. MIL has been to the hospital twice. I have not enjoyed either of her visits and yesterday I was silently becoming enraged while she was here. She barely acknowledges that I'm the one who in fact had the baby, she barely acknowledges me when she arrives or departs, she does not ask how I'm doing following my c section, she does not try to converse with me.

What she does do however is spend her visits criticizing the things we are doing with/ for baby. For example: he should be wearing clothes, he should have his circ done at this time, she doesnt like the name and has started calling baby by his middle name, he should be sleeping in the basinette, he should be doing this and that and blah blah blah.

Talking to her is not an option. Last night I told DH it's not very nice for her to be criticizing everything we are doing, he said no she's not. Where do I go from here? Besides to the nurses station to let them know I am not accepting visitors today.