Not sure where to post this but...our 11mo LO hates getting her diaper changed! It’s not actually the diaper but she refuses to lay still and it’s becoming really stressful especially when it’s poop. She just rolls and crawls away and if we hold her she squirms and screams. Sometimes I am almost in tears! We try toys, books, remote controls (ha) and nothing works to distract her. Sometimes we resort to the iPhone and even that isn’t fool proof. We have our ILs in town this week and they’ve offered to watch her but I don’t think they’ll be able to change her diaper. She can’t stand without holding on to something yet so doing it standing works ok once we’ve wiped but I can’t wipe her while she’s standing. Is there a secret tip out there? Or can you at least tell me this will get better as she gets older? I’m losing it! Thanks!