I think my son is very high-energy / spirited. He isn't in daycare so I can't compare him to a big group of others, but I have 3 friends with toddler boys his age and they are all *way* calmer than him. He is babysat during the day by his 2 grandparents, and they fully accommodate his energy - they do tons of physical play. Sometimes I wonder if this actually even makes it worse.

My son is a nonstop ball of energy - he literally runs in circles in our living room at least every other night for about 10x in a row, and he can play at the park for hours. He loves to run, throw, jump, forever.... He only sits still for books at naptime and bedtime (he won't read at other times *usually* unless it's a new book about cars/trains/animals). He's ditched puzzles, and never really liked drawing, painting, or using playdoh. He also has issues with hitting and biting - it's like his energy has to get out in some way. He wakes at 7, naps 1-3, goes to bed at 8:30 - I think this sounds normal.

He hasn't always been like this - I think it's been getting progressively more like this since about 20 months, and we had a baby when he was 25 months. He is 28 months now (2y4m).

Anyway, I'm not sure why I'm really posting except to maybe get some comraderie.

1) What is your high-energy / spirited toddler like? I'm not the only one, right?
2) What strategies help?
3) Does it ever get better?