I’ve recently started considering homebirth. I am a very low risk pregnancy (3rd baby, two previous uncomplicated deliveries), and the practice we would be working with employers Certified Nurse Midwives. I live in NY state, and am 15 minutes from a hospital.

I have several reasons for considering homebirth:
1. Very quick, unmedicated second labor (first was uncomplicated induction)
2. While I’m confident advocating for myself, I just don’t feel comfortable in a hospital setting.
3. My current midwife (who delivers at hospital) is leaving my OB practice. There are 3 others, 2 of whom I do not feel are experienced or knowledgeable.
4. If I deliver at the hospital after 10pm, my midwife wouldn’t be present so I’d have someone I don’t know.

We’ve gotten very mixed reactions. We actually found out that several people we know had homebirths so the perspective of women who have delivered in our geographic area is helpful. But then there are others who point to the reality that many studies indicate increased neonatal mortality. The rates cited are low, but as much as 2-3 fold hospital rates. They’re difficult to generalize though as they can’t distinguish all planned, low-risk homebirths from total home births.

Any helpful perspectives for or against on here? I know these obviously arent medical opinions, and I’m actually going to talk to my regular midwife next week (if I do a hospital delivery I will likely switch to the practice she is going to).