Bees -- a (hopefully) fun non-COVID question for those who are familiar with Florida!

I am due this fall and my family is thinking about spending the month of February somewhere in Florida. It will be the last month of my leave and the only month of my husband's leave. Where would you go?

More information to help narrow it down: we have a four year old who loves to bike and scoot around and spend time at the beach. We are big on walking, so near a walkable downtown would be lovely. Swimming weather would be a bonus (ie 75/80), but we are from the Northeast, so even 65/70 would still be nicer than back home. We would be sad if it rained a lot.

We are thinking that for a month, it will likely make sense to rent a home. Our budget is $3,000 or less (ideally less).

Any ideas? Can be general area (Destin? West Palm Beach?) or a specific city or neighborhood. Or best of all, a rental property that you loved and that is available!

Pretend COVID will not be an issue. (Yes, I know that it likely will, but let's pretend, otherwise it's not any fun.)

Thanks in advance!