So late last night I get a phone call from the hospital to get last minute details for my c-section (which is next week to the day). They then proceed to tell me that my co-pay of a two night stay is required up front. I go on to tell them I cannot afford that at this moment and would need to be billed. She goes on to tell me that's what they require and that I will have to talk to the billing department.

This morning I call and again they want me to pay the co-pay ahead of time and when I ask to be billed, I am told that they will require at least half of the payment but she would transfer me to someone else.

So I get transferred and am asked to pay at least half and I said that's not something I can afford YET AGAIN and asked to be billed. She says I'll make a note that you called, which I was getting ready to say that's not going to help but before I could she said they would bill me. Great.

The more I thought about it, I wanted to speak to the financial advisor who sent me a letter MONTHS ago stating what the co-pay would be but never stating that it would have to be paid prior to the surgery. I call and get the same woman and when I ask who my financial advisor are she says she has no way of checking, smuggly says they don't have files but only a computer system and that it would not be in the system. Which honestly, is a bunch of bullshit. After going back and forth with her and what she claims is the hospital policy, (which I had a scheduled induction 3 years ago and this was NEVER the policy then or even the last three times in the pass year when I went to the ER) she asks if I would like to speak to a supervisor. I of course say yes and am now waiting to be called.

Given, I am super happy that I am finally going to be billed but it gets me so mad that they waited until the week before when I already have a million things to worry about and I think of all the firs time parents or patients even who are backed into a corner and think they have to pay on the spot.

End vent! lol I know that was long but I'm sooo annoyed.

ETA: I spoke to the head of the maternity department and was told that the department that called me last night had no right to ask me that and that she would be speaking to them. She said that they have lately been attempting to enforce this policy more but that everyone can be billed and that it should never be a back and forth process. She was super sweet and I really appreciated her kindness.