I actively avoid traveling with kids! I have a 7 year old and a 21 month old. We are active campers but have not stayed in a hotel with both kids. Previous trips when the 7 year old was 3-4 were train wrecks (up till midnight, etc.). The pandemic has made it easy to avoid this challenge!

We are going to an indoor water park for 3 nights for Spring Break. Looking for tips! I would like to avoid restaurants. A little bit is pandemic hesitancy but also don’t want to take a 2 year old to a restaurant! We will rely on takeout. Thinking we could do bagels, cereal, muffins for breakfast. We will have a fridge but not a microwave. Prob bring PBJ makings, maybe instant oatmeal and easy Mac.

We will bring painters tape, travel crib, disinfectant wipes, bags for diapers, plastic tablecloths for in room picnics, sound machine, melatonin for sis. One parent will take big sis on adventure while little bro goes to sleep at night. Sadly we just have the one room, no suite. Bro has a travel crib.

I need all the tips! Good food, other key packing items, any hacks you find useful. I appreciate it!