Hi everyone! I’m back seeking more advice, since I always get such great feedback here

I am expecting my second in November, and will be off on mat leave for at least a year. We also have a 3.5 year old DD. Shortly after I returned to work after having DD (so over 2 years ago), we began having a lovely woman come to clean our home once every other week. We LOVE her, LOVE how clean our home is when she leaves, and she LOVES our DD, too.

Here’s the thing....once I go on mat leave, our budget doesn’t really have room to afford her services, at least not bi-weekly. We can probably make it work, but haven’t crunched all the numbers yet. But, budget aside, I’m concerned about it not really being feasible/convenient to have her come to our home for 3-4 hours every other Friday to clean while I’m there with baby and possibly DD. Currently the house is empty when she comes, as DH and I are working and DD is at daycare.

We need to talk to her soon, and are leaning towards basically saying that we will have to let our current time slot go, at least for now, and although we would love to have her back one day, we certainly don’t expect her to hold a spot for us.

Has anyone had a similar experience? What, if anything, did you change about have a cleaner/cleaning service after the arrival of a new baby?