So, breastfeeding has been a challenge for me and DS from the beginning. DS was low birth weight and my milk took awhile to come in so we had to supplement with formula and then pumped colostrum, then pumped milk. Once my milk came in he had trouble latching on one side and so I had to use a nipple shield...then I got a blister on the other side.

DS never has nursed for very long so I was always worried about that (until today when I found out .he gained back all of his birth weight plus 2 more pounds in the first month!) Then a week or so ago he started choking and gagging during feedings and I figured out I had an oversupply of milk (and worked to tame it). Once I tamed the supply somewhat (I still have too much, BTW) he stopped choking but now that the flow isn't as fast, he cries/screams after feeding for 5 minutes. And he's been gassy/burpy/hiccupy after feedings and I worry that he is getting too much foremilk (he has all the signs of getting too much....)

The result is that I cry about breastfeeding basically every other day because I feel stressed/frustrated/rejected. I know he's getting enough to eat (see above re: weight gain) so I don't know why I'm so sad about the screaming episodes. I love the closeness of breastfeeding and enjoy the process and really want it to work out....but feel like maybe I should throw in the towel. I know we have come a long way, but I thought that after a month it would be easier, but it's still very difficult and I wonder if pumping milk and feeding him bottles of breastmilk would be best for our family. Then again, the thought of giving it up makes my heart hurt!

For those who BF and had challenges, can you share how you got over them and how you knew whether to stick with it or give up?

Thanks : /