This will sound terrible, but I don't know how to handle it!

DH and I met up with a girl who I had been a friend with through our teens and college, lost touch in our twenties, and then re-connected when we were traveling in the same city. We met my friend and her DH as a couple, and it wasn't a great night. Neither of us really liked the husband (first time meeting him), and my old friend---we just didn't connect like we had in earlier years.

However, she keeps texting me multiple times a day and sending me mundane things about her day and I have had conversations with her where I'm thinking HELP how do I get out of this convo!! I can't be spending all afternoon on you! They also want to visit at some point. Which...I don't want.

I feel terrible, she gave me a lovely gift when we saw them and it was fun to re-connect a bit before we met up officially. But that was maybe an email a week, not every day stuff over text like it has become now. I feel like it's reached an end. As far as I can tell, there is no way I can back out gracefully. The slow fade? Any tips?