I'm at my wits end and about to lose it. DD2 is 6 months and cannot fall asleep on her own. We just cut the swaddle cold turkey because she started flipping to her tummy.

Previously it was swaddle, paci, white noise, rock. Now her arms are flailing about and she's just not falling asleep. She was up for 5 hours last night while I tried rocking, CIO, nursing to sleep, everything. She finally passed out after I vigorously rocked and shushed while keeping her arms pinned down.

I cannot do this while solo parenting. It's been going on an hour of me trying to get her to sleep for a nap and I'm freaking out.

Please help me teach my baby to fall asleep while also solo parenting with a toddler. I'm not interested in gadgets that I'll have to wean from later on again.