I wrote a question about turning the bathroom into Baby #2's nursery for the first year, with the intention of having the kiddos share the bedroom eventually. When do you think is the soonest I can do this, and at what time would it be the least disruptive to both of their sleep? I know for DS, he did not STTN until he was 18 months when we night-weaned him, but before then, he would fuss/cry once or twice a night and I'd have to go get him. Plus, the night-weaning process involved a lot of crying where nobody got any sleep, so I imagine this process would be the same for Baby #2. Then there were random nights he'd wake up crying even after night-weaning (maybe due to teething?)! I just don't see how I can put them in the same room without one of them waking the other up!! AHHHHH!! Heeeelpp! Share with me your experiences! I'm sure this issue must come up with twins too!