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How do you bathe your big baby?

  1. Anagram

    eggplant / 11716 posts

    Every time I see this thread because it pops back up to the top, I keep reading because I can't figure out why so many parents say they have to squat or kneel next to the tub for so long. Are you guys holding your kids the entire time they are in the bath? Or is it trying to keep water out of their faces that takes a long time?

    So, we just sit either on the tub ledge or on the closed toilet and read our phones while they play--that's been since LO2 was 6 months or so. And before that, LO2 was in the baby tub on an incline, so I still didn't need to hold on to her constantly.

    We just let them play (sitting or standing, we don't care, as long as they are having fun and not hitting each other, haha) for about 15 minutes, and then we quickly lean over the tub and soap them up and do their hair--we rinse with the detachable shower head. Our kids don't care if water gets in their face, which is good because we spray directly on their heads and a ton of water does get in their face--and then we're done. It's like...maybe 1-2 minutes of leaning over a little? I usually make them stand because then I don't have to lean at all.

    And then we're done. If we are in a hurry, they just shower, so they are standing the whole time.

    Maybe it's because we don't have a ton of water in the tub. Do most of you have a lot of water in the tub, and are you afraid of your kids falling over and their faces being covered with water? Is that why there are so many "no standing" rules?

  2. Mrs. Goose

    pear / 1737 posts

    @Anagram: My no standing was mainly because I just worry about my kid slipping and smashing her face or chin on the edge of the tub or on the toy containers suctioned to the side. (My kid is also clumsy). I'm pretty stingy with my bath water filling...have only recently started adding more water. But either way she has never cared about the water level. 19 months old.

  3. ShootingStar

    coconut / 8472 posts

    @Anagram: I worry about DD hitting her head. Bathtubs are slippery and dangerous, even for adults. She's not quite 10m and can only stand for a few seconds on her own, so she's not very steady yet. We've tried mats in the tub, but our tub is a weird shape and texture I guess, so they don't really suction to it.

    With that said, when it's just DS (3.5) we just sit on the closed toilet. But when it's both I sit on the floor and let them sit and play together and only intervene when she's trying to pull up.

  4. Portboston

    persimmon / 1281 posts

    We were in the big tub much earlier then that. We taught him he's not allowed to stand in the tub. At almost 2, we rarely have standing issues.

  5. agold

    grapefruit / 4045 posts

    @Anagram: Thanks for explaining what you do! I worry about my girl slipping while standing. She grabs the edge of the tub and pulls herself up. I tried to get a non-slip pad but they have suction cups. Well, my tub has a textured bottom so the suction cups don't work. But I don't trust the textured bottom to be sufficient to keep her from slipping. Clearly I'm a wreck over here!

    @ShootingStar: Ditto on the weird textured tub.

    @Portboston: Please tell me how to teach my 9 month old not to stand in the tub! I also want to learn how to teach her to tilt her head back so I can rinse her hair like someone commented above. But she's totally won't even let me see her teeth when I ask her, so I'm assuming she doesn't take direction very well.

  6. Portboston

    persimmon / 1281 posts

    @agold: lol it is driven by personality!!! My guy is a good listener and it still took a lot of work. Telling him to sit again and again. Then if he didn't sit it was time to get out. I would ask "are you done? Because you're standing and when you're standing you're telling me you're done" it took conditioning but he finally got it.


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