For those who celebrate Christmas… how do you decorate your tree? Pictures would be nice too!!

Last year was the first year we had a full sized tree (we just had mini ones before kids, and none since having young kids). I had collected a few ornaments and received some as gifts, but was pleasantly surprised that I had enough to fill out 7 foot tree. It helps that it’s in the corner so I didn’t bother decorating the side that no one sees! So, it didn’t look amazing but we had lights and ornaments and called it a good Christmas. I had a newborn at that time so that was good enough for me!

This year I added a popcorn garland, more pine cones, and some dried lemon ornaments to make it a bit more rustic themed. I also let the kids put up all their art projects that could potentially be an ornament… snowflakes, window art, clay creations- I let them put them all up. So our tree is still a hodgepodge of random ornaments but with a rustic vibe. Definitely not Pinterest worthy but a bit more put together than a kid tree.

I’m wondering if I’ll get pickier next year and not let the kids put up as much, or if I’ll want to coordinate better to make it look nicer… what do you do??