DD (3.5) started preschool two months ago. Previously she attended an in home daycare where lunch was provided. Now we pack lunch. LO is generally a good eater. She's only recently started rejecting veggies but she likes meat, dairy and fruit. We don't do "kid food" at home so LO is seeing a lot of stuff at preschool that she hadn't had exposure to before.

Lately she's been asking for lunches that don't meet my nutritional standards and rejecting the balanced meals I send. Today preschool asked me to send lunches she likes better because they are having to give her crackers or different lunches when she doesn't like hers.

My thinking is that I need to put my foot down on the crackers and stuff. She'll eat her lunch or won't. Eventually she'll get hungry and eat her lunches.

Am I being too harsh? How have others dealt with this?